I finally finished working on the pictures I took while Jess and I were out in Seattle at the beginning of June. To no surprise it was typical Seattle weather while we out there. It barely reached the mid-60’s and rained 90% of the time we were there. So it wasn’t the greatest weather, but that didn’t keep us from seeing the sites. Highlights include the Space Needle of course, two games at Safeco Field where the Twins were in town taking on the Mariners, the Seattle Aquarium, and the Museum of Glass in Tacoma among many other things.

I should explain one picture just so it’s not confusing. There is a picture of a beer bottle of a brand that I had never heard of and the reason I took a picture of it was because of the description given on the back of the bottle. So if you’ve never heard of the brand of beer in the picture before (or even if you have), I encourage you to read the entire back of the bottle in the picture (down to the comments hotline). I thought it was rather humorous.

Jess and I took the trip out to Seattle with one of her good friends, Kaia and her husband Chris. While we were out there we met some friends of theirs who live out there and they were able to give us little tour of the city. You’ll see them in a couple of the pictures. So it was nice to have a little local knowledge while we were there.

Without further procrastination, here are the pictures from our Seattle trip:

Seattle 2010

If you’re a Twins fan, you might enjoy the more in-depth pictures from the two games we saw out there found in the link below. It was gorgeous weather for the first game and basically the opposite weather for the second game the next day. Safeco Field does have a retractable roof, so we were kept dry. However, with the roof closed it gets incredible dark in there. If you’ve ever been to the Metrodome, basically imagine that but with a black roof instead and then instead of bright blue seats imagine dark green seats. It’s really quite depressing with the roof closed. It actually makes me really appreciate that Target Field is open air no matter the weather. Sure you get wet when it rains, but you’re still outside and you can still look up and see the sky.

Oh, the picture of the ball with the Target Field logo on it is because I actually got one of the Twins’ batting practice balls while they were warming up and apparently they use Target Field logo balls (the balls they use during games at home, the Target Field logo replaces the MLB logo found on baseballs used by other teams) even for batting practice. I’ve been to 22 games at Target Field this season hoping every game to finally snag a game ball with that logo on it, but I had to go to Seattle to finally get a Target Field ball! So I just had to include a picture of it. Here is the link to view the more in-depth pictures from the two Twins games out in Seattle:

Minnesota Twins vs. Seattle Mariners, May 31 and June 1, 2010

I hope you enjoy the pictures! Please forward the links to the pages to anyone you think might be interested in seeing the pictures.

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